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Welcome to the New AMA web site, please browse our many pages, were you will find our policies, constitution, safeguarding and much more.

We are a members association. We provide many services to help instructors. We are a none political multi style martial arts organisation and have been a Governing body recognised by its members for over 50 years.

We are striving to make the web site as user friendly as possible, if you need to get in touch regarding anything then please contact me on office@amauk.org

Peter Allen
Vice President & General Secretary

“It is a privilege to be an instructor and part of a club called Sheffield Shotokan Karate Club which is run by Sensei Bob Hague and also to be affiliated to the AMA which is the largest mixed martial arts organisation in the UK and a governing body for many clubs and their members – the organisation offers insurance and is affiliated to other world bodies – The AMA is top of its field in organising tournaments , instructor and coaching events and award events – an organisation well worth being a part of”


It was February 1971 at Tonbridge School in Judd Street, Cromer Street in the King’s Cross area of London when our founder, the late Tom Hibbert decided to create a karate school and name it BAKA which means British Amateur Karate Association. He then started looking for guest instructors of quality and knowledge such as Senseis Mike Billman, Ticky Donovan, Peter Spanton, Ken Gee, George Mackenzie and others, much later with Sensei Meiji Suzuki as a resident instructor.

In the early 70’s, Karateka superstars like Bruce Lee, Superfoot Wallace, Chuck Norris and not forgetting the TV series called Kung Fu starring David Carradine which brought a lot of advertising to martial arts in all forms and styles and classes of 40, 50 or even 60 students training in village halls and the like, twice or 3 times a week and sometimes on Sunday mornings, was the norm, all over the country.

In September 1971 our current President Steve Stavridis left the KUGB and joined BAKA as they offered a lot of free movement with their Constitution. Steve Stavridis went to Leeds to Colin Whitaker’s dojo to meet Tom Hibbert the Association’s Secretary and brought with him 32 students.
After the initial introductions and going through what was expected of a quality association, Steve put his students through their paces.

Tom Hibbert was delighted with what he saw and like may groups at that time they all signed up there and joined BAKA.